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Designed to make everyone's lives a little easier

In this ever changing world it is more important than ever to have all information close to hand. Our newly developed APP makes it simple for ourselves and you to update information in real time!. All our team can access the important client/pet info in the field and can send updates with pictures and visit report cards as soon as our team complete an event!.
All information is securely stored.

Our clients already love the service we provide. Requesting services from us should be the same type of experience. Our Time To Pet App makes it simple and easy for you to request new services, check scheduled visits, update pet info and  view and send messages.. The Time To Pet App can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

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Client/Pet Information
Your customer data is essential for any issues that may arise & must be readily available. This APP captures all of the information we need using Custom Fields! Want to add information on leash location or litter box location? Not a problem! Clients can update their own profile directly from the App or the Client Portal..

The process of requesting visits should be easy for you. Our clients can make requests from the App or the Client Portal. All requests will be reviewed by us for approval. Clients can also view all pending or scheduled visits, submit cancellation/change requests and add specific notes when making requests! We can also schedule events for you by using tools like templates or schedule a trip!

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